The role of teachers is more important than ever in the new age of generative AI, but it’s getting more and more difficult to detect original student work. GPTZero’s goal is to give educators clarity and transparency into the use of AI in the classroom.
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How to use AI detection in your classroom?
It’s important that students continue writing original content to build critical thinking skills and learn to express their thoughts coherently. Teachers receive loads of student work every week, and every document needs to be checked for original content. GPTZero has developed features that make it easy to detect AI in the classroom.
1. Batch file upload

With our educators plan, you can upload unlimited files simultaneously into the GPTZero dashboard. From there, you can scan each document for AI generated content.

2. Google docs writing report

With our chrome extension, Origin, you can now see a video of your student’s writing process, along with a report evaluating whether the writing pattern seems human-written.

3. Model that avoids falsely accusing students

While all AI detection models will have some false positives, we have created an AI detection model specifically for evaluating student work. Our model avoids false positives - meaning that it is biased towards avoiding false AI claims.

4. Collection of best practices to avoid and address AI misuse

We have been compiling a list of best practices that have been shared from our community of over 4000 educators. We give educators actionable steps on how to address cases of AI-generated text that aim to better student learning, and also provide 5 suggestions for lessons that cannot be completed with AI.

Think of our tool as a magnifying glass.
We help you get a closer look behind the scenes of a document.
The nature of AI-generated content is changing constantly. As such, AI detection results should not be used to punish students. We recommend educators to use our behind-the-scene Writing Reports as part of a holistic assessment of student work.