AI unpacked: A teacher’s companion to discussing AI in class.

Original research on on how top educators approach AI in the classroom

AI Handbook

AI is not a fleeting trend, but a permanent fixture. So educators need more than a “trace and penalize” approach to AI in student work. But what are the guidelines for engaging with AI at school? What do exams and assessments look like in the new reality? How can students continue to develop critical thinking skills? And once you find AI writing in student work, how do you approach that conversation? This playbook will help guide educators to engage critically with AI in class.

Here’s what you’ll find within:
checkmarkThoughts from 100+ educators on pertinent AI issues, from how their students use AI to official campus AI policy
checkmarkA script with talking points for addressing AI writing in student work
checkmarkBest practices for students and teachers on incorporating AI
checkmarkA real-life case study of how one writing professor addresses AI in class