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Newsguard’s GPTZero Powered Investigation
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Edward Tian - 1 min read

Gordon Crovitz and Steven Brill, co-CEOs of Newsguard, first approached GPTZero to learn more about our technologies in March.

Veteran journalists, Crovitz and Brill shared their work combatting misinformation and preserving transparency in news. It resonated with GPTZero’s mission to preserve what's human. With a shared goal, we were excited to make a meaningful impact together.

The Challenge:

The emergence of generative AI posed a grave threat to trust in information consumption across the world. Already in 2020, the existence of content farms was a huge problem. These operations, disguised as news outlets, generate vast amounts of low-quality content, sowing confusion and misinformation.

But now, with generative AI, the cost for content farms to generate misinformation was virtually nothing, giving a free-for-all for bad actors. With or without people knowing, we had zero doubts that generative AI was already being employed by content farms across the world, in dozens of countries and languages.

The Investigation

In April 2023, Newsguard in an innovative move deployed GPTZero on an investigation to uncover the truth behind AI-driven content farms. Their initial findings unveiled 49 websites across seven languages suspected of being predominantly or entirely generated by AI language models.

The results of their investigation is available on Newsguard’s editorial page and was featured on Bloomberg News, shedding light on the overwhelming amount of low-quality articles churned out by these deceptive platforms.

The Road Ahead:

As AI tools become more accessible, it is crucial for journalists, fact-checkers, and the wider public to remain vigilant. The battle against misinformation requires constant adaptation and the deployment of innovative solutions like GPTZero to unmask the hidden players in this digital landscape.

The partnership between NewsGuard and GPTZero has brought to light the alarming reality of AI-driven content farms. By utilizing AI technology for investigative journalism, NewsGuard has taken a significant step towards unraveling the complex web of digital deception. As we navigate the digital age, it is imperative that we remain vigilant, harnessing the power of AI for good and combating the spread of misinformation.