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Introducing GPTZero's New Full Page Scan
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Edward Tian - 2 min read

Last week, GPTZero launched an exciting new update — the ability to scan and analyze entire webpages for AI text.

"With the emergence and advancement of AI-generated content, we wanted to make validating the source of information as easy as a click of a button." said Edward, our CEO. "With this new update, people are now able to."

The feature, Full Page Scan, is available free to all users of the Origin Chrome Extension. The feature allows users to detect AI-generated content across an entire webpage instead of requiring the user to select individual sections. With one simple click (or use of the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+O) and leveraging proprietary OCR (optical character recognition) technologies developed by our engineering team, GPTZero users can view in-depth insights into whether a website was written by a human or an AI. This approach also raises the accuracies of AI scans by providing a full picture of the website's content.


Download Origin by GPTZero to try Full Page Scan for free

One of the most popular use cases for analyzing AI involvement on websites is actually from journalists themselves. As AI-generated content continues to proliferate on the internet, journalists are starting to use GPTZero AI detection to verify the validity of their sources.

A recent collaboration between NewsGuard and GPTZero has brought to light a concerning truth about content farms powered by AI. Over the past few months, NewsGuard's investigations powered by GPTZero have identified more than 330 websites that appear to contain content created by artificial intelligence software.

Indeed, one of the primary drivers behind the Full Page Scan feature were reporters investigating AI websites that have long requested the ability to analyze entire webpages. Now they can.

Examples of websites and their outputs after an AI-scanned analysis

News SourceArticleGPTZero Full Page Scan
Get Into KnowledgeWhy do we dream when we sleep?A mix of human and AI
Best Budget USAWatch: US bust of North Korea and their efforts to steal millions in cryptocurrencyLikely to be written by AI
CNN EntertainmentBritney Spears and tease new single ‘Mind Your BusinessLikely to be written by a human
AP NewsFirst-gen iPhone sells at auction for $190K — about 380 times its original priceLikely to be written by a human

The introduction of the Full Page Scan feature reflects GPTZero's commitment to constantly improving our AI detection tools to address the challenges of the digital content landscape.

“We launched Origin to promote transparency on the internet,” said Tian. “With the ability to analyze and scan entire websites, we are one step closer to that goal.”