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GPTZero Partners with American Federation of Teachers (AFT) to Introduce New AI Education Tools to Classrooms

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Edward Tian - 3 min read

In October, GPTZero and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) announced our new partnership to build a pedagogical framework and tools for responsible AI adoption in education. 

This new alliance is the first of its kind between an AI technology company and a teachers union with over a million members, working to bridge the gap between AI technologies and our classrooms. 

Working with AI, not against it

There is, without a doubt, a place for AI in the classroom, according to Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers.

"We believe in its potential and we know if we don't guard against its perils upfront, we're going to repeat the terrible transitions that happened with the industrial revolution," she recently told CBS news.

Randi hailed the partnership as a ‘game-changer’ for teachers and students navigating the evolving landscape of literacy and AI technology. According to the American Federation of Teachers, seventy-one percent of educators use education technology every day in the classroom, and students are using AI more every day.

“Offering educators simple tools to make sure it’s used safely and effectively is critical”, said Randi, motivating our work towards ensuring transparent and responsible AI adoption. 

“AI is a game-changer, but teachers need to be coaches in the game. And in our effort to find real solutions that enhance student learning, it’s just as important that students continue writing original content to build critical-thinking skills and learn to express their thoughts truthfully and coherently, so they’re adequately prepared for opportunities when they enter the world.”
— Randi Weingarten, President American Federation of Teachers

Collaborating Not Catching 

When we first launched GPTZero, we wanted to give everyone, everywhere, the ability to understand the origin and veracity of the information they consume. As the nature of AI usage rapidly evolves, we wanted to expose the parochial hood, and let students, teachers, and policymakers transparently see where and how new technologies are being applied in the classroom.

The GPTZero dashboard now with additional features for both students and teachers to interpret signals of AI involvement and understand their writing patterns over time.

Working with the AFT, together, we are committed to giving teachers not only the tools, but also the frameworks for helping students learn. Recognizing AI is not plagiarism; we are determined to replace the plagiarism framework with a collaborative mindset, where identifying AI becomes the common ground for teachers and students in navigating AI together.” 

New Tools for Teachers and Students

In the past month, the GPTZero team has built new tools for students and teachers to navigate generative AI in education, including our interpretability metrics and writing pattern visualizations in our AI dashboard, and the GPTZero writing report. With the American Federation of Teachers, we are excited to introduce these tools to classrooms for the first time.

Interpretability Metrics: GPTZero users can now get additional explanations and interpretability metrics behind every scan, to better understand the results of an AI scan.
Writing Visualizations: GPTZero users can now generate a unique writing visualization for each scan, acting as a ‘stylistic-fingerprint’ offering insights into the lexical patterns of the writer. Over time these scans can be compared (ie. AI and human visuals differ significantly, as well as results between different human writers).
GPTZero Writing Report: GPTZero Writing report is a way for students to verify their writing as human and receive a certification of human authenticity on typing patterns. The report also contains helpful statistics such as a writing activity timeline, document lifespan, largest copy and pastes, average revision durations, and accounts for cases with multiple editors.

Additional Details

Through the partnership, all AFT members will have priority access to a series of new tools developed for pedagogical AI teaching, including the GPTZero Origins Writing Report as well as a series of practical AI workshops co-organized by the AFT and GPTZero. The first 15,000 teachers to register will receive unlimited school year access to GPTZero’s core AI identification platform. 

AFT members looking to start using these tools today can fill out the form at this site.

“They are a magnifying glass to help teachers get a closer look behind the scenes of a document,” says Weingarten, “ultimately creating a better exchange of ideas that can help kids learn, and get excited about school assignments when [AI is] used appropriately.”