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Announcing: GPTZero Docs, the future of transparent writing

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Faizan Mehdi - 2 min read

Today we’re unveiling our latest feature – GPTZero Docs. Docs integrates an advanced editor platform with embedded AI, and it is the future of transparent writing. Here’s exactly what you can expect with GPTZero Docs. 

Writing Replays

In Docs, you can recreate the entire document creation process, from start to finish. A writing replay allows you to watch a document come to life, almost as if you're observing the writer in real time.

A video replay captures the entire typing process. Words present in the original draft and final document are displayed; proof of how the words in the final draft originated onto the page.

For example, if an entire document is AI, GPTZero will mark it as “100% AI-written.” If the writer erases the first paragraph and starts writing, GPTZero will pick up on the human writing, and the “AI likeness score” will decrease. Each change made will be logged in the Writing Replay video.  You can see exactly how the document was created. 

Built-in AI Detection

Since the dawn of widespread AI use, it’s been a challenge differentiating between human and AI contributions in any given document. With GPTZero Docs, that problem is solved. The built-in AI detection capabilities in Docs can isolate and highlight AI-created content, down to the sentence level.

Accuracy is just the beginning with GPTZero Docs. GPTZero was the first to introduce sentence highlighting for interpretability, making our AI reports unique in explaining why content was flagged as AI-generated. This level of detail ensures that our users not only get precise results, but also understand the reasoning behind them.

The Future of Transparent Writing 

GPTZero Docs represents the next step in the evolution of AI detection. Docs combines robust AI detection with writing replay, meaning the origin of a document cannot be called into question. GPTZero Docs is the next step forward in preserving the human and creative components of writing. We’re excited to help users gain unparalleled clarity and control in the content creation process.